Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Please join Narwhal Art Projects this spring as we unveil an exhibition showcasing investigations into the role of modern landscapes. Featuring work by Leon Matthew Benn, Tessar Lo, Paul Wackers, Jacob Whibley and Megan Whitmarsh. Opens April 1st at Narwhal Art Projects. 6-9pm. Here is the facebook link.


Will Munro:
Inside the solar temple of the cosmic leather daddy 
Munro’s exhibition Inside the Solar Temple of the Cosmic Leather Daddy combines several of the artist’s interests and obsessions. The spiritual iconography of ancient Egypt meets the Queer leather subculture of the 1970’s. Through worship and remembrance, Munro revisits the lives lost during the 1980’s AIDS epidemic, endows them with a sense of eternal life, and allows them to still be present among us. Spurred by his ongoing battle with terminal illness, he has submerged himself in the underworld of temples and glory holes, death and transformation, Kenneth Anger, Georges Bataille, Susan Sontag and King Tut. Runs until March 27th at Paul Petro Contemporary Art


I just returned from Vienna and Paris last week. As I edit through them, I will be posting the least boring of my many many photos... along with links to some of the fun/weird museums, shops and tourist landmarks I visited.

Here are some from the Natural History Museum in Vienna: